Selena Gomez Holds Hands with a Guy, PDA Police Freak Out

Look away, Justin Bieber and Niall Horan.

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This Sunday, Selena Gomez went out to dinner at Beverly Hills' SLS Hotel. In one hand, she had a drink and her phone. In the other, the hand of a guy who's not rumored flings Justin Bieber, Niall Horan, Charlie Puth, or Orlando "Orly" Bloom. Instead, she was with Samuel Krost, a recent NYU grad and friend of Gigi Hadid's. 

The two have been photographed holding hands on and off since November, when they got dinner together, and Selena reassured outlets she was very much single

But Samuel and Selena have certainly been looking like a thing, these past couple days, according to Us Weekly. They were seen out and about "holding hands" Thursday at 1Oak Nightclub and Friday outside Malibu's Saddle Peak Lodge. "Selena was fixated on him all night and barely paid attention to anyone else," a source said of their club outing. (Not quite kissing, but okay!)

They appear to have spent the New Year's holiday together too, a time when much of young Hollywood—Justin, Kendall, and Miley—was on vacation, sparking dating rumors. But! Selena and Samuel were with a bunch of other friends:

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Soo close friends, boyfriend-girlfriend, or causally dating? Their public status isn't clear—just as Selena would prefer it

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