Kylie Jenner Is Wearing Travis Scott's Initials on Her Wedding Finger

What does it all MEAN?

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Today in confusing "what is going on with Kylie Jenner's relationship?" news, the new mom was seen wearing a ring featuring her boyfriend Travis Scott's initials. And said ring is casually living on her wedding finger.

Kylie shared a photo of the ring with fans via Snapchat, which—as you can see—has the initials "J.W." Before you start screaming "INCORRECT, that doesn't stand for Travis Scott!" please keep in mind that Travis' birth name is Jacques Webster. That said, Kylie's ring is also a shoutout to her best friend Jordyn Woods:

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It appears as though Kylie and Travis are still very much together, though recent reports claimed they aren't living in the same house, and are instead "co-parenting" their daughter Stormi. Either way, a ring on that particular finger definitely speaks to a certain amount of commitment...

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