Celebs on Sandwiches Is About to Be Your New Favorite Instagram

Case in point: Drake on a Canadian bacon with cheese.

Celebs on Sandwiches
(Image credit: celebsonsandwiches.com)

First there was Drake on Cake, the sweet Instagram account that scrawled Champagne Papi's lyrics onto sheet cakes. Then we went crazy for Taste of Streep, a masterful collection of Meryl pictures Photoshopped into your favorite foods. And now we've fallen in love with another famous face and culinary mashup: Celebs on Sandwiches, which brings together two of our favorite subjects—carbs and celebrities, duh.

To reiterate: sandwiches are the best, as is Drake—which is why @celebsonsandwiches is bringing us a lot of joy. The project, created by L.A.-based artist Jeff McCarthy, features intricate watercolors of celebrities perched on sandwiches. 

There's something oddly beautiful about seeing Scott Disick standing on a pastrami and rye, you know? And if you love them as much as we do, you can even order a print for $30 on his site.

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