Celebs on Sandwiches Is About to Be Your New Favorite Instagram

Case in point: Drake on a Canadian bacon with cheese.

Celebs on Sandwiches
(Image credit: celebsonsandwiches.com)

First there was Drake on Cake (opens in new tab), the sweet Instagram account that scrawled Champagne Papi's lyrics onto sheet cakes. Then we went crazy for Taste of Streep (opens in new tab), a masterful collection of Meryl pictures Photoshopped into your favorite foods. And now we've fallen in love with another famous face and culinary mashup: Celebs on Sandwiches (opens in new tab), which brings together two of our favorite subjects—carbs and celebrities, duh.

To reiterate: sandwiches are the best, as is Drake—which is why @celebsonsandwiches (opens in new tab) is bringing us a lot of joy. The project, created by L.A.-based artist Jeff McCarthy, features intricate watercolors of celebrities perched on sandwiches. 

There's something oddly beautiful about seeing Scott Disick standing on a pastrami and rye, you know? And if you love them as much as we do, you can even order a print for $30 on his site (opens in new tab).

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