Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Saw a Decaying Foot, and Had the Most Relatable Reaction

Prince Harry also touched it.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's pre-wedding tour took a gross turn when they made a surprise stop in Belfast, Northern Ireland to visit the Catalyst Inc science park, and learn about the Titanic shipwreck.

The couple have become known for their playfulness and relaxed attitude in comparison to other royal couples, and this visit was no different. At Catalyst Inc, the pair decided to look at an unsightly display of decaying limbs, as one does to prep for their wedding.

Obviously, their reactions were priceless:

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And a closer look at the foot:

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Turns out, the decaying foot, and the other limbs alongside it, were just prosthetics made by Titanic FX, a special effects material company. Prince Harry even reached out to touch the creepily realistic foot, while Markle cringed and said, "Oh my goodness."

Titanic FX took to Instagram to write, "I think you'll agree that they were surprised by the realism of our prosthetic gelatin props! Their facial expressions say it all." Truly, they do!

There were also prosthetics of baby heads, and according to the Daily Mail, Markle pointed at a baby bath and jokingly said, "I am sure at one point we will need the whole thing."

Even when looking at disgusting decaying feet, Markle finds a way to spark more excitement about the May 19 nuptials.

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