Kerry Washington Is Calling Out Donald Trump for His "Spin"

Olivia Pope would know, after all.

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Kerry Washington stopped by Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday to talk about Donald Trump and the spin machine that is his campaign. After all, who better to talk spin (at least in the world of celebrities) than Olivia Pope herself?

According to Entertainment Weekly, Washington weighed in on Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, who was also a guest earlier in the episode. "Kellyanne's really good at what she does," Washington said. "Playing Olivia Pope, I know spin when I see it."

Then, Washington dug deep into the issues of this campaign, and why she doesn't think Trump is a good candidate for women and minorities.

"I think there's a bigger problem, which is that right now we are in a political climate where we are being led by the media, no offense, to vote for the loudest candidate, and the meanest, the bulliest candidate in the playground, and that we are voting based on a cult of personality or a cult of celebrity rather than voting in our best interests," she said. "I think if we really look at policy, voting for Trump is voting against our best interests as Americans, as workers, as people of color, as women."

Washington also shared her thoughts on one specific (and controversial) Trump policy, regarding maternity leave.

"There's been a lot of talk about it being insulting to women, but I think it's actually insulting to families and to workers, because there's no paternity leave, there's no family leave," she said. "For Hillary Clinton, these issues, these policies are not about 'women's policies,' this is about economic policy, because we understand in this country that if families are able to take care of each other, we do better as a nation. I choose that candidate over the guy who brags about having never changed a diaper."

Watch Washington's full Real Time segment below:

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