Taylor Lautner Finally Confirms Taylor Swift's 'Back to December' Is About Him


When it comes to Taylor Swift's back catalogue of hits, it's safe to say that we've ALL had a go at trying to figure out which songs are related to her infamous exes.

But while some are pretty easy to decipher (Dear John, anyone?) others have remained a mystery for years—until now, that is. And we have Lea Michele to thank for this latest exciting discovery.

Back in the summer of 2009, Swift and Lautner were graced with the greatest couple name ever, Taylor Squared, when they started dating during the filming of their movie Valentine's Day, in which they played a PDA-loving couple.

Despite the fact that they never properly confirmed their relationship (these were the days before Instagram, after all), fans just knew the two were more than friends—but it didn't last long, as they ended things in December that year. DECEMBER. There's a clue for you.

Well, fast forward six and a bit years and Taylor Lautner has finally admitted that one of Taylor's songs IS about him…and us Swifties obviously already knew it.

Lea Michele managed to squeeze the gossip out of him during a Facebook Live video for Scream Queens as their conversation turned to past relationships.

Asking, "Didn't [Taylor] write a song about you?" Taylor responds: "That's what she does. She writes songs," before adding, "It's called Back To December." Yaaaas.

The break up song appeared on Taylor's album Speak Now, and is an apology to a (former) mystery boy who Taylor later described as "incredible to me, just perfect to me in a relationship, and I was really careless with him."

Well, if you need us, we'll be listening to Back To December on repeat and staring at pictures of Taylor Squared for the next few hours.

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