Here's a Video of Trump Telling Everyone He Likes It When Ivanka Calls Him "Daddy"

Watch, and you might never recover.

Benjamin Lowy

No way to break it to you gently, so here goes: At a public speech in North Dakota on Wednesday, President Donald Trump not only said that Ivanka Trump, one of his senior aides, had apparently begged to attend the event. He phrased it like this:

"She said, 'Dad can I come with you," Trump said. "Actually she said 'Daddy can I go with you?' I like that."

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Trump, the President of the United States, beckoned to Ivanka, his employee, to come up and join him at the microphone. "Look at Ivanka. Come on up, honey," Trump said. "She's so good. She wanted to make the trip."

At this, even Ivanka seemed to recoil, wincing it a manner that suggested she understood; clearly, this was not the most despicable sentence her father had ever uttered, but on the skin-crawl-ability scale, yes, it definitely ranked.

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