Selena Gomez's Assistant Puts the Very Final Nail in the Jelena Coffin

One Instagram story, one like, then one sunken ship.


Selena Gomez has said repeatedly over the last year and a half that she is "so beyond done" with her once on-off boyfriend Justin Bieber. And visibly, she could not be any more over him these days—she and The Weeknd recently made their second, PDA-filled red carpet appearance together.

Jelena fans haven't lost hope for a reconciliation someday though (even one bit of praise that Gomez gave Bieber during a June radio interview was enough to make them freak out). And Gomez's assistant Theresa Mingus saw this and did two little things on Instagram this weekend to make it clear that no, Jelena is not rising, and those two will never, ever get back together.

She first posted an Instagram story where she raved about what Gomez and The Weeknd have. "In an industry that's so hard to be loyal and love, these two made it happen," she wrote over an image of them from Friday night.

But her more revealing action was a single like of an Instagram comment. A fan wrote, "When will [there] be [a] JELENA comeback?" on what appears to be Mingus's last, completely unrelated Instagram post. Another enthusiastically responded, "NEVEERRRR!!" Mingus liked that "NEVER" post, setting fire to the ship:

The fans took notice and made their feelings known in Mingus' comment section:

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