Ashley Graham Shows Off Her Changing Pregnant Body in Naked Video

The model zoomed in on her stretch marks, writing, "Trying to embrace my new body everyday."

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Throughout her first pregnancy, Ashley Graham has been a source of inspiration for other women when it comes to embracing the changes in their body. The model posted an intimate video to Instagram of her naked body, highlighting her accentuated curves and stretch marks while keeping her breasts covered. In the video, Graham pans the camera across her baby bump, zooming in on her stretch marks, before bringing it up to her face and smiling to the camera.

"Getting bigger and bigger and trying to embrace my new body everyday," she wrote on the caption. "It’s a journey," she added of her pregnancy, "and I’m so thankful to have such a supportive community."

Having announced she was pregnant in August, Graham quickly gained the praise of many women for showing off and embracing a realistic depiction of a changing pregnancy body. The model posted a photograph of her stomach, including her rolls and stretch marks, proving she's never going to feel ashamed of, or try to cover up, something so natural.

Throughout her pregnancy, Ashley has continued to highlight her evolving body. In one uploaded picture, taken pre-pregnancy, she wrote: "Thinking about when my boobs poked out further than my belly."

Ashley has also been giving her followers an insight into her health regime while pregnant. Posting a video of herself working hard in the gym on Instagram, the mum-to-be wrote, " it’s a lifestyle 💪🏽".

Graham stole the show at the Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya show at New York Fashion Week last month, gushing afterwards on Instagram: "Thank you for honoring the importance of inclusion by representing so many different women on your runway and showing that beauty comes in many forms. I could have never imagined the feeling of walking a runway pregnant." (Zendaya wrote back: "Thank you thank you thank you, it was an honor.")

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Ashley Graham backstage

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