Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Reach Out to a Fan Who Raised $60,000 for COVID-19 Relief

The fan revealed that "through the interview I gave to [] Meghan and Harry were able to track me."

    Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry made a personal call to Sussex fan Dani Trin who created #ArchiesDay, a COVID-19 relief fundraising effort.

    Last month, Trin, a university student, revealed to, "#ArchieDay is [another effort], but this time it fell to me to organize it. I wanted to organize the fundraiser for Archie's first birthday, so I got a group of people from Twitter on a group chat and we made it happen."

    She continued, "We never had a specific amount we hoped to hit. Ultimately, we hoped to simply help the charities and raise awareness for the projects people are conducting to help children through this pandemic."

    Taking to her Twitter account, Trin revealed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex contacted her personally after reading her interview with She wrote in part, "As you all know, we raised over $60k USD for charity in honor of Archie’s bday last months and through the interview I gave to [] Meghan and Harry were able to track me."

    The success of #ArchiesDay was such that the Sussexes wanted to thank the initiative's organizer personally, as well as pass on their thanks to members of the Sussex Squad who got involved online.

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