Meghan Markle Reportedly Wishes She Could Do “Mommy and Me” Classes With Archie

“She said she’s just too well known to do normal things.”

  • Meghan Markle wants Archie to learn emotional and social skills by being around other kids.
  • The duchess reportedly feels like she can’t do “mommy and me” groups because she’s too well known.

    Much like the rest of the world, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have—for the most part—been stuck inside due to coronavirus safety concerns. Which means their son Archie isn’t really getting to interact with other kids his age.

    A “close friend” of Meghan’s (lol, kay) tells the Daily Mail that the duchess is worried Archie isn’t spending enough time with other young kids, saying, “Meghan said Archie needs to learn emotional and social skills by being around other young children, something he can’t do with adults. Meghan said ideally they (she and Archie) would be in a baby group class that met in person a couple of times a week. This would give Archie the opportunity to play with other toddlers and help develop his brain.”

    Unfortunately, it isn’t easy for Meghan to just up and join a “mommy and me” group—not just because of the coronavirus but also because she’s obviously pretty famous.

    “Meghan said she would love to be part of a ‘mommy and me’ community but knows this is impossible even if there was no COVID-19 because of who she is. She said she’s just too well known to do normal things. Meghan does take advantage of connecting with others online and on Zoom but says it’s just not the same as in person. Plus the consistency of biweekly ‘mommy and me’ classes would be good for Archie and a place where she could just be a mom and make new lifelong friends.”

    Here’s to hoping Meghan finds a cute class for Archie to take once it’s safe to get out there and socialize!

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