Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway Make a Music Video Cameo Dressed As Men

And it's perfect.

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Jenny Lewis' (opens in new tab) new video for "Just One of the Guys," makes us just want to be one of the girls if it means a jam session with our March cover girl Kristen Stewart (opens in new tab)Anne Hathaway (opens in new tab), and Brie Larson, who all play back up for the child-actor-turned-indie-musician. The ladies all wear white shawl collar numbers, except for frontwoman Lewis, who dons a starry, rainbow tuxedo. The girls eventually get dolled up —which means fake mustaches and jumpsuits. It's a kitschy video, for an earnest number about the struggles of getting older as a woman.

The single comes of Lewis' new album The Voyager, her first in six years, out July 29. You can download "Just One Of The Guys," here (opens in new tab):

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