Taylor Swift Goes Berserk in Her New Video for "Blank Space"

She's terrifying with a butcher's knife.

Taylor Swift has released the video for "Blank Space" — and she goes insane in it. It's great.

The story starts out nicely enough, with an adorable cameo by Olivia Benson:

T-Swift meets a hot guy. He walks her around her lavish estate in a cape:

They ride horses together:

She paints his portrait, as ones does when one lives alone in a mansion:

She carves his name ("Sean") into a tree:

Then things take a dark turn: T-Swift sees Sean texting while they're on a picnic. Maybe he was supposed to be spreading some peanut butter on an apple for her and she's hangry; maybe he was texting another woman. Whatever the case, it sends T-Swift over the edge.

She defaces his portrait:

Takes an ax to the tree.

Stabs a cake:

Cuts holes in his shirts:

Sets them on fire:

And smashes his car with a golf club:

At one point, she even stands on a horse:

She wins.

blank space from grtsctts on tumblr on Vimeo.


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