Listen to Selena Gomez's Two New Party-Worthy Tracks

She's all grown up — and won't let you forget it.

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Earlier this month, Selena Gomez (opens in new tab) bared her soul on "The Heart Wants What It Wants (opens in new tab)," and as an account of her most tumultuous times with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, it's not exactly going to soundtrack your next party. Luckily, she's unveiled two new tracks of her forthcoming album For You that certainly will.

The first is "My Dilemma 2.0," which is a remix of her 2011 song that begs to be played in the club. While more upbeat, the lyrics do have some serious Bieber innuendo: "I heard the rumors, but you won't come clean, I guess I'm hoping it's because of me, and I know what I know, and I know you're no good for me and I know it's not meant to be." The other is, "Do It," a brand new number that finds Gomez's voice helium-laced singing amorously over bouncy instrumentals. It's just the latest reminder that the former Disney star is all grown up. For You drops 11/24.

Lauren Valenti
Lauren Valenti

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