Beyoncé Launches New Merchandise Inspired by Her "Formation" Video

You know you want to start carrying hot sauce in your bag (swag).

Yesterday, Beyoncé stopped the world and delighted fans with the surprise release of her song and video, "Formation." But aside from new music, Queen Bey knows that nothing makes the Beyhive happier than putting their allegiance to the Beygency on display. So, naturally, she's released The Formation Collection—a new line of merchandise inspired by the meme-able lyrics from her Internet-breaking single. Here, take a look at your soon-to-be favorite pieces. 

A tote so you, too, can carry hot sauce in your bag—with *swag*:

An ever-so-trendy dad hat to show your love for your on-the-go hot sauce:

A crewneck with an important message:



(Image credit: Future)

A tee to slay in:

A conversational phone case: 

phone case


(Image credit: Future)

And just in case Bey's Nicki Minaj collab, "Feelin' Myself" is more your thing:

Or even her sleeper hit, "7/11": 



(Image credit: Future)

TBH, still waiting for something Red Lobster-themed to make its way into the mix—but until then, we'll be content spending all our money at

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