Beyoncé's Easter Celebration with Blue Ivy Was as Perfect as You'd Expect

Matching outfits! Bunny ears! Kelly Rowland!

Blue Ivy and Beyoncé celebrate Easter

Beyoncé knows how to surprise her fans in the best way, and her latest Instagram is no exception. In a perfect compilation video, with "Lovely Day" by Bill Withers as the soundtrack, fans are given a sneak peak at Beyoncé and Blue Ivy's Easter celebration, and it does not disappoint.

From their matching white outfits, to Blue Ivy's bunny ears, to Kelly Rowland popping up in a group photo, this really is the best thing you'll see on the internet today.

The "Formation" singer even takes the opportunity to showcase her growing baby bump, which is showcased perfectly by her beautiful, fitted dress. I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing that my Easter was as magical as Beyoncé's.

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