How to Throw the Coolest Oscar Party

There must be pizza.

Oscars Pizza
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Let's just take a second and remember how over-the-top amazing last year's Oscars were. From the selfie seen around the world to the pizza delivery (we'd chow down on a slice with Meryl Streep any day), Ellen DeGeneres has officially raised the bar and reminded us why we save the best for last. (Sorry, other awards shows.)

On Sunday, the hosting torch will be passed to Neil Patrick Harris—who will no doubt keep the viral moments humming along. (NPH, you're a gem.) Make sure you've got your viewing party on lock with these foolproof tips.

1. You're invited, but your friend can't come. First off, you don't want to invite too many people. There's nothing worse than chatter during that fateful tearing-of-the-envelope moment. (Actually, there is something worse: having to shush everyone like a sixth grade teacher.) It's all about having the right company. If you're a film diehard, you want to be surrounded by people who can appreciate your random bits of trivia without rolling their eyes—know your crowd. 

2. Set the stage, er, scene. This is not the super bowl—you've got to transform your digs to make it feel special. No matter what kind of vibe you're going for, we recommend gold as an accent color, mood lighting, and a movie theater-like set-up. (And no, your popcorn spackled walls do not count.)

3. Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent... If you're feeling fancy (which, uh, you should be—it's the Oscars), tell everyone it's black tie. If your guests are more laid-back (or laugh in your face at the mention of "black tie"), cocktail attire works too. We don't care what anyone says, everyone loves getting dressed up and it's the quickest way to kick things up a notch. 

4. Competition keeps it interesting. Get out those ballots and vote, because nothing is better than a little friendly (ahem, ruthless) competition. Lazy? Yeah, so are we: Fandango has done all the work for you with these printable ballots. We recommend doling out a cool prize, and if people aren't getting into it right away...sweeten the pot!

5. Booze it up. You can't go wrong with prosecco, which is easier on the wallet than champagne, but is just as bubbly and fun and delicious...and really, who cares? As long as it's poured into a champagne flute (even if it's plastic) consider yourself a class act. Just remember to go easy on the drinks—no one wants to be cleaning up after guests get a little too crazy. (Are you reading this, Beth?)

6. Drinking games are fun, for real. No, you don't need a game to tell you when to drink—but it's a good time when you listen. If you don't know firsthand, trust us when we tell you: live event + booze + game = best time ever. We think's is shaping up to be the most promising yet.

7. Snacks on snacks on snacks. If you're a wizard in the kitchen, tonight's the night to show off your hors d'oeuvres skills. If you consider heating up a lean cuisine a culinary accomplishment, make it a potluck and have your friends bring over their favorite bites. But no matter what happens, we have one sacred rule: You must order pizza. Past experience tells us that the second half of the show is prime pizza time...bon appétit!

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