Miley Cyrus Is Not Down with People Who Want to Make Feminism a Bad Word

"I think it's cool to be a woman and be, like, super in charge."


On the Celebrity Lucidity Scale from 1 to Kanye, Miley Cyrus usually ranks about a 6.7. There are moments from her recent interview with Australia's Sunday Style, however, in which she actually makes a ton of sense—while talking about feminism, no less!

Following a dribble of word vomit about how she likes women because they feel complicated feelings that are 50 percent more feely than the feelings men feel—not making this up—she swerves left and delivers a treatise on gender equality.

"The world is in the prime of its feminine energy...I think there's been a real twist [and] women are starting to feel that."

"We were talking about women's rights last night and [someone said], 'Women are more suppressed right now than ever before,'' she said. "Well, I don't think so—I think we're more free than we've ever been...I'm seeing it everywhere; young women are totally ready to come out of their shells, to take on the world."

"There's a lot of talk about feminism—people want to take that word and make it a bad thing, but it's the greatest thing ever! Of course you're a feminist, you know?"

Yes! Thank goodness someone knows what feminism means, kind of—unlike these dudes at first:

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