Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) Finally Met Olivia Benson (Taylor Swift's Cat)

The moment was a long time in the making.

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If you made a Venn diagram, and made one sphere Taylor Swift fans and the other Law & Order: SVU fans, the overlapping section got a real treat the other night, when Olivia Benson...er, we mean Mariska Hargitay, hit the stage with Taylor Swift as a guest on Swift's world tour.

But the excitement didn't stop there—backstage, Olivia Benson—AKA Swift's cat—met her namesake for an adorable moment that thankfully was captured (and will forever be immortalized) in an Instagram video. (It's already garnered 1 million likes...and counting.)

If you don't find this adorable, you're clearly not a Swift fan or Olivia Benson fan—which means you're definitely not human. [Insert CAPTCHA here]

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