Here Are Some Delightful Videos of Jennifer Lawrence Speed-Swearing and Singing Cher

This is what someone living her best life looks like.

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After she was finished educating Comic Con (opens in new tab) on another facet of how Hollywood polices women's bodies, Jennifer Lawrence went on Conan, where she was her usual boisterous, straight-talking, embarrassing-Liam-and-Josh self.

Here, she rattles off $10,000 worth of curse words in 30 seconds.

And here, she spoils the future of the Hunger Games franchise while bringing up another highly relevant point about her industry's sexism (opens in new tab) and overreliance on sequels. (P.S. Not-great recovery, Joshie.)

Then she channeled her 14-year-old self (opens in new tab) and sang Cher's "Believe" with all the guttural pizzazz of the original and we actually wished there would be Hunger Games XLVIII: Katniss's Escape from the Assisted-Living Facility so she could never stop giving interviews.

Chelsea Peng
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