Miley Cyrus Goes Undercover to Ask What People Really Think of Miley Cyrus

"The whole fabric of America is falling apart, and she's not doing anything to keep it together."

Miley Cyrus disguise
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Assuming an Australian accent she presumably mastered after spending nearly four years dating/being engaged to Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus roamed the streets of L.A. as Janet from Perth listening to proud Americans like Carl the Cowboy insult her entire family.

It was Jimmy Kimmel who put her up to this, and it was he who must have begun collecting her bail money in a mayonnaise jar two years in advance of her appearance Wednesday. After all, who would not defend her family's honor, AKA bludgeoning Carl the Cowboy with the microphone sans the squishy foam part?

Watch the whole meta experiment here—IT'S HANNAH MONTANA ALL OVER AGAIN—and don't you dare stop until you get to this guy.

Miley Janet

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Back in the studio, Miley makes a well-articulated argument for #freethenipple and explains how to use nudity as leverage against Paul McCartney—all while wearing sequined, heart-shaped pasties. Brava. 

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