Jay Z Hid in the Crowd at Beyoncé's Made in America Show, Fangirled

This video, omgggg.

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Updated, 9/9: No surprise here—but it looks like Jay Z was just as enthralled with Bey's performance as we were. Mr. Carter was caught on video hiding in the crowd, dancing up a storm and singing along to his wife as she commanded the stage. One word: awwwwwwwww.

Original Post, 9/8: Over the weekend at Made in America Festival, Beyoncé put on a performance that was, in true Queen Bey fashion, an unbelievably badass homage to the ladies. From her tribute to MMA fighter Ronda Rousey (opens in new tab) to the epic monologues and female-form-celebrating choreography, we've never had so much FOMO.

Fortunately, being the generous social media soul that she is, Beyoncé posted a series of clips that will make you feel so close you can smell the sweat. Beyhivers, rejoice!

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