Everybody's Talking About This Video of Beyoncé Telling Her Assistant to Stop Fluffing Her

Kind of rude or kind of amazing?

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What Beyoncé wants, Beyoncé gets, so when you're her assistant and she needs you to not be in her shot, you scoot. Stat.

On the red carpet at Tuesday evening's TIDAL X: 1020 concert, the elevator-ponytail repeater was caught on camera whispering "stop" to her fluffer/assistant Sam Greenberg before switching on her full Beyoncé powers for the paps screaming "queen" at her. (Really.)

You don't have to be a body-language expert to read Greenberg's hair flip as a sign of her feeling put out, but the real point of contention here is whether Beyoncé was in the wrong. FWIW, I'm Team "She's the Boss, but She Could Have Been Like 'We're Good' Instead."

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