Praise: Beyoncé's Topshop Collection Got a Release Date

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Mark your calendars for April, because that's when you'll be making pilgrimage to the nearest Topshop to buy Beyoncé's clothing line. (Feel free to bring a tent, camping overnight could be necessary.)

The pop diva announced her athleisure partnership with Topshop more than a year ago, but apparently she's been too busy slaying at life and recovering from Elevator Gate to actually debut it.

Fortunately, Beysus' line is expected to hit Topshop locations in 25 countries this spring, and it's going to be a huge deal. "This not a collaboration," Topshop's Sir Phillip Green said when the partnership was initially announced. "This is about building a brand and building a business—a separate, proper business, with separate overheads and a separate office."

Bey's brand will cover everything from footwear to dance apparel, so it's pretty much a win for a) people who work out, and b) people who like to chill in workout clothes for no reason other than hating pants.

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