Jared Leto Is Sorry He Insulted Taylor Swift

Smart move.


After a video of him putting down Taylor Swift's music surfaced Monday, repentant music critic Jared Leto has issued an apology to the singer and her fans.

In the incendiary footage, the serial photo-bomber and one of his Thirty Seconds to Mars band-mates analyze 1989 song by song, first dismissing "Welcome to New York" before concluding "F*ck her. I don't give a f*ck about her."

Approximately 2,938,475 Swifties going to battle for their dear leader later, Leto now apologizes, but isn't combing through one's album in the hopes of learning one's hit-making secrets the second sincerest form of flattery? Now we wait for the surprise Grammys number, complete with feather headdresses and a conciliatory hug.

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