Beyoncé Dressed Up as a Christmas Tree and Wandered Around Manhattan, Is a Living Hero

Festive AF.

Beyoncé dressed as a Christmas tree.
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On the first day of Christmas, Beyoncé gave to meeeeeee…herself dressed up as a Christmas tree. Really.

Never one to miss a costume opp (opens in new tab), the aspiring actress (opens in new tab) wore a striped Stella McCartney dress, tinsel-y green sweater, Santa hat, and what appear to be working lights to her office holiday party, while Jay Z went as himself in all black. (*cough* Lupita did it first (opens in new tab). *cough*)

Beyoncé dressed as a Christmas tree.


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Early reports indicate that while Blue Ivy declined to attend due to a previous engagement, she very gamely agreed to go as a poinsettia plant next year. 

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