So Are Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Cohabiting or What?

Debunking myths, y'all.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Much as you would like the opposite to be true, romantically involved famous people Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are probably not living together in his Beverly Hills home, a 16th-century Scottish castle, a plane, a train, or any other structure.

Refuting Monday's news that the photogenic vacationers had TAKEN THE NEXT STEP IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP (REPORT), Swift's representative told People "they are absolutely not living together," with another source chiming in that "they are happy and in no rush to settle down." (No comment on the contemplating-engagement bit, though.) 

That's just too bad. But at the very least, separate living quarters shouldn't put a damper on their cute-couple-pic output. 

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