Jennifer Lawrence Addresses Controversial "Power Lesbian" Comment: "Why Can't Power Lesbians Be Slutty?"

Fair 'nuff, fair 'nuff.

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Infallible cool-girl Jennifer Lawrence came under fire for describing her style as "slutty power lesbian" during a Glamour interview, and she isn't back-peddling. At the time, Jennifer admitted "I don't know if that's offensive," but seems to have decided that her comments aren't something people should take issue with—and she makes a good point.

While the phrase "power lesbian" might hedge into stereotype territory, JLaw objects to the idea that lesbians can't be both powerful and "slutty." 

"Can I just say, do you know that offended people?" she said in a post Golden Globes interview. "I was like, I'm sorry, but slutty people exist. Thank god. Lesbians are real. And powerful lesbians are real. How on earth could that be offensive? You being offended is almost offensive. Why can't power lesbians be slutty? Why would that be an offensive thing? I think it's awesome."

Fair point, Jennifer Lawrence.  Perhaps it's time for all of us to embrace our inner "slutty power lesbians." It seems to be working out great for JLaw.

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Watch her full interview below.

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