Jay Z Got in Formation and Gave Beyoncé an Epic Super Bowl Gift

She *is* a queen.

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Things that happened over the weekend: 1) Beyoncé dropped Formation, 2) the world dutifully memorized its lyrics in under 24 hours, and 3) she performed at the Super Bowl, rendering her backup dancer, Chris Martin, completely irrelevant. Also, she made us have a new found appreciation for Red Lobster, despite their inability to correctly use Twitter.(You had one job, Red Lobster. ONE.)

So, how did Beyoncé's husband, Jay Z, celebrate her world domination? By pulling a Kanye and sending her a totally modest display of love in the form of 10,000 roses. Of course, 10,000 bottles of hot sauce would have been preferable, but dude can't win 'em all. 

Meanwhile, Chris Martin's waiting on his 10k rose delivery like:

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