5 Fictional Reasons Jennifer Lawrence Was So Late for the Oscars

Perfection takes time, okay?

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As the clock counted down to 8:30 p.m. and the Dolby Theatre's disembodied voice started hustling people inside, a feathery/lacy/Dior-clad Jennifer Lawrence barreled in—riiiight as the red carpet ended—much to the relief of the internet. But why did she show up so late, depriving us of any interviews or the customary awards-show trip? Here, we speculate. 


1. David O. Russell just took SO long getting ready.



2. She was determined to avoid a twin moment.

3. She was hanging out at the mall (again) and lost track of time.

At least she didn't skip the ceremony completely this year. 

4. She took a wrong turn.

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5. She's a Hollywood alpha now, so she can do whatever the F she pleases.

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