Donald Trump's Ex-Wife Says He Isn't a Feminist, Changes Her Mind, Then Changes It Again (and Again)

Well, this is incredible. 

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Ivana Trump just gave the best/craziest interview ever to The New York Post, in which she declared that while her ex-husband Donald Trump loves himself some women, he isn't a feminist.

"I don't think he's feminist," she said of her ex. "He loves women. But not a feminist."

Sounds simple, right? LOL, nope. Ivana changed her mind a total of three times after giving this interview. To quote the article itself, "reps called The Post two days after the interview to clarify that Donald was a feminist. Then they called to say he wasn't. An hour later, they said he was."

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So, what have we learned? Donald Trump might be feminist...but he probably isn't...but also he totally is! Either way, this seems like a good time to remind everyone of Trump's proposed reality show, Lady and a Tramp, in which he offered to "troll the clubs" looking for party girls to send to charm school. As Trump himself mused: "Unfortunately, who knows that scene better than I do? Somebody's got to do it." 


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