Only Beyoncé Could Both Heighten and De-Escalate the Becky Drama with the Start of Her 'Formation' Tour

But whatever—the clothes are sick.

As the clock strikes Think Piece o'clock and Becky mania reaches a fever pitch, Beyoncé looks out over it all from just where she wants to be: at the start of a world tour that would have been highly lucrative anyway.

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Last night in Miami, she did sing the critical lyric from "Sorry" but launched right into "Bow Down" immediately after. "If you came here to have a good time, say, 'I slay,' she said at the start of the show. "If you're proud of where you're from, say, 'I slay.'"

But even with the glorious BTS photos, the custom DSquared2 outfits, and the Prince tribute, the standout moment of the night was perhaps what she said before "Halo." "I want to dedicate this to my beautiful husband...I love you so much," she said.

Gonna need some audio-visual to analyze tone and body language, but damn—nobody captains a controversy quite like Beyoncé.

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