If Only Taking Down Workplace Inequality Were as Easy and Fun as This Unaired Miley Cyrus 'SNL' Sketch Makes It Out to Be

"Thanks to that battle, women will be getting equal pay from now on."

Kind of ironic that the sketch about gender inequality was cut for time, but at least now we finally get to watch Miley Cyrus and Aidy Bryant transform from mousy office workers into '80s power-suited Women Workplace Warriors via a potion made from Cleopatra's tears.

From Cyrus' October 2015 hosting gig, the clip also features Mr. Dildorf (Bobby Moynihan) taking credit for his female employees' work (what else is new?), Kate McKinnon nearly breaking as she struggles to ram through a wall, and…tossed salad.

BRB, dialing the WWWs, because goodness knows we *really* need their help

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Chelsea Peng
Assistant Editor

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