Calvin Harris Had Zero Clue About Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, Bless Him

Do you think he's listening to "Bad Blood" right now, y/n?

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris sit side by side at an awards show.
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Like a beautiful phoenix rising from the ashes of Tayvin's relationship, Tom Hiddleston frolicked over to Watch Hill to engage in a casual makeout session with Taylor Swift atop a rock—and apparently Calvin Harris was Cher-level clueless. You know, until his attitude morphed into "as if!" and he deleted all traces of Taylor from social media.

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"He did not know Taylor and Tom were together," a source says. "[He] has moved on and is happy."

Guys, prayer circle for Calvin "I Swear I'm Happy" Harris.  Also, apparently moving on means fan-boying over Rihanna.

Meanwhile, Ship Hiddleswift is riding the waves of of Rhode Island/our emotions, an unstoppable force that the world just wasn't prepared for. On that note, WWHSD? (What Would Harry Styles Do?)

Harry Styles turns his head and winks slowly as he sits in a high back chair holding a pipe.

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