Hold Up, Turns Out This 'Lemonade' Ballad Isn't About Jay Z After All?

Life is a lie.

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Remember when Beyoncé was all, "ten times out of nine, I know you're lying," and you side-eyed your poster of Jay Z like, how dare you, sir? Yeah, turns out that song ("Love Drought" to be specific) is about co-writer Ingrid Burley's relationship with Bey's management company, Parkwood Entertainment.

Burley (an old friend of the Knowles family) says that higher ups at Parkwood lied about whether or not Queen Bey was making new music, and she was "so pissed" that she wrote the song in 15 minutes flat—a fact Beyoncé doesn't even know...or at least, didn't until now.

"The only way that I could really get over it was like, 'Ha ha, she's gonna sing the song I wrote about her label one day,'" Burley said. "That's really what that whole song is about."

Ahem, not to state the obvious, but: always stay gracious best revenge is your paper.

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Watch the video below to hear Burley go into the fascinating meaning behind the song's lyrics, but here's a sneak peek: you know when Bey says "you, you and me could calm a war down"?  Turns out Burley was initially thinking about the fact that "back in the day, infamously, James Brown was able to be brought in to stop, literally, a riot."

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