Taylor Swift and Martha Hunt Share "Emotional Roller Coaster" Evening Together

All because of one Meredith Grey.

Taylor Swift & Martha Hunt
(Image credit: Getty)

Displaying an inordinate amount of chill—we say inordinate because just look at them at Tommy Hilfiger—Taylor Swift and Martha Hunt had a quiet night in that quickly dissolved into an emotional reckoning. Why you gotta be like that, Meredith Grey?

While her mistress and her model friend sipped white wine, the coldhearted cat cuddled up to Hunt, probably as the first move of some diabolical plot. "Meredith loves only Martha and no one else," Swift captioned a video that showed Hunt taking selfies with Mouse-olini Meredith. "They're taking pictures together now," she said. "She never takes pictures with me."

Eventually, Meredith Grey's masterful execution of the classic "date his friend to make him jealous" maneuver produced the desired effect—"Tonight has been an emotional roller coaster"—so she went back to doing what she does best: sitting like a human toddler.

And tactical strikes.

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