Seth Meyers Tries His Hardest to Impress Miley Cyrus, Fails Epically

"Some may say I maybe tried too hard..."


*Over* over-compensating for his middle-agedness (we've all been there, bud), Seth Meyers jumps through so many unnecessary hoops in a new video to prove to Miley Cyrus that he's cool. Or, as the youths would say, "totes adorbs, chill you know what AF stands for?"

In a second installment of "Forced Friendship"—the first featured Lestor Holt, so big shoes to fill—the Late Night host gets an ill-advised septum piercing, plant a decoy "teen" in the gift shop, and eats a whole baggie of "weed," AKA dried basil. Fun! Watch his antics below, and perhaps remember something about just being you, not caring what other people think, etc.

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