If We All Chip in, We Might Be Able to Buy These 12 Never-Before-Seen Beyoncé Videos

And by all, I mean ALL.

Beyoncé memorabilia© has grown from a cottage industry to practically its own category on the S&P 500, so if you've somehow acquired 2.5 hours of never-before-seen footage of the world's most famous pop star before she was the world's most famous pop star, why would you *not* try to make a mint from it?

That's the story behind London auction house Ted Owen & Co. (opens in new tab)'s upcoming sale of 12 previously unreleased videos from Beyoncé's private collection, which contain '90s memories such as rehearsals with former Destiny's Child member LaTavia Roberson, Girls Tyme shows, and bb Bey generally demonstrating stage presence far beyond her 10 years.

Watch the preview here, then start excavating your couch cushions.

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