Olivia Wilde's Son Is Even More Obsessed with Beyoncé Than You Are

Did you have a Beyoncé themed birthday party? Exactly.

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Like all toddlers should be, Olivia Wilde's son Otis is completely obsessed with Beyoncé. Why? More like WHY NOT? She is a perfectly suitable icon for any child, and that is a fact. According to Wilde's husband Jason Sudeikis (who recently popped up on Watch What Happens Live), their son calls Beyoncé "Beyoncé Boobies," which is amazing.

He also had a Beyoncé themed party to celebrate turing the big two, which means he's truly living his best life. Sadly, Bey didn't attend, but still. Goals.

"She sent him a signed photo for his second birthday though, which is pretty adorable," Sudeikis said. "His second birthday was a Beyoncé-themed party. It was great."

If this child is so awesome at two, imagine what he'll be like once he's three.

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