Beyoncé's Grammys Dress Featured Her Own Face

Meta Yoncé.

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There are many reasons to tune into an awards show, but let's be real: We're all here for Beyoncé. More specifically, her and her twins.

The icon skipped the red carpet because she's obviously too cool, but (after delivering an iconic performance in which people literally bowed in the presence of greatness) she hit the stage to accept an award in this insanely beautiful Roberto Cavalli dress:

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It's the same gown (minus the veil) that she wore to perform, and features what looks to be an image of her own face on her stomach.

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Naturally, one doesn't simply wear one dress to the Grammys, so Yoncé changed into a gorgeous red gown with accompanying diamond necklace.

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Meanwhile, Jay Z and Blue Ivy were in the audience, and Blue rocked a pink power suit. This. Family. Is. Pure. MAGIC.

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