Melania Trump Just Responded to Emily Ratajkowski's Anti Slut-Shaming Rant

Spoiler alert: She's here for it.

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While at (a highly political) New York Fashion Week, Emily Ratajkowski overheard a journalist describe First Lady Melania Trump as a "hooker." And while there are many, many problematic things about Melania Trump and her husband, this accusation is not one of them—so naturally, Ratajkowski hopped on Twitter in her defense. Turns out FLOTUS was here for it.

The First Lady brushed off her brand new Twitter handle to say the following, and tagged Ratajkowski while she was at it.

This is a nice tweet, though slightly hard to swallow considering part of standing up for women is standing up for their reproductive rights—something the Trumps are 100 percent failing at.

That said, it's worth repeating that no woman should ever be slut-shamed, regardless of their thoughts on other the reproductive decisions of other women.

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Mehera Bonner
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