Donald Trump Being Forced to Sit at the World's Tiniest Desk Is the Only Meme Fodder You Need

Actual quote from POTUS: "This is a child's desk."

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Despite being meme'd into oblivion (opens in new tab) when he climbed into a truck like a small child at a birthday party, Donald Trump somehow allowed himself to be photographed sitting at the world's tiniest desk. Like, honestly the last time we saw a desk this tiny was in elementary school. And even Trump thought it was abnormally small.

"This is a child's desk," he said (opens in new tab). "But that's okay. This is the smallest desk I've ever seen. Very, very glamorous, right?"

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A ROFL moment if there ever was one. And naturally, this minuscule desk simply too much for the internet to handle.

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Side note: if you want to know what Trump was signing, this was new legislation to repeal some of Obama's education standards. Suddenly, the size of that desk is depressingly on point.

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