People Are *Extremely* Upset by Ivanka Trump's Insensitive Memorial Day Tweet

Maybe now isn't the time to promote your popsicle recipe...

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Despite the fact that her husband is embroiled in a Russia-related scandal (though to be fair, who *isn't* these days?), Ivanka Trump's headquarters found time to tweet on Memorial Day. The problem is, instead of honoring veterans, they offered up a popsicle recipe. Which, 😐.

As the internet is quick to remind us, Memorial Day isn't just a long weekend for R&R. For many people, it's an opportunity to honor the men and women whose lives were lost during combat, and as a general rule tweeting about one's cookout plans is not a good look—hence this tweet's controversial nature. And no, Twitter was not pleased.

Though it should be noted that Ivanka eventually tweeted from her personal handle, and chose to go with something more appropriate:

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