Prince George Looks *Deeply* Unimpressed Upon Arrival in Berlin

And also very sleepy. Basically, he is us.

The Royal Family are currently on a tour of Poland and Germany (opens in new tab), and just touched down in Berlin—where the living legend known as Prince George departed the plane, surveyed his surroundings, and was like "nah, I'm good."


While we didn't think it was possible for George to look more unimpressed than he did upon arrival in Poland, his recent side-eye is even more glorious:

"Ugh, hi, yes, yes, hi" he seems to say.

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"Like literally, why."

Fashion, Child, Leg, Performance, Footwear, Event, Carpet, Shoe, Vacation, Flooring,

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"👀 ."

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George for King, tbqh.

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Mehera Bonner is a news writer who focuses on celebrities and royals.