10 Things You Didn't Know About Erin Andrews

The ESPN sportscaster cracks us up with, among other things, her very best Taylor Swift "hairography" impression.

You probably recognize Erin Andrews one of two ways: You catch her reporting from football games on ESPN or you've heard about the video. You know, the one that — although her stalker was put behind bars — she's still struggling to remove from the internet.

We profiled Erin and heard her exclusive take on the epic, two-year-long privacy battle in Marie Claire's August issue, but aside from her strides in that case, we're perhaps most impressed with just how happy — and hilarious! and goofy! — the sportscaster is now.

That's why we enlisted our favorite MC interviewer, Sergio Kletnoy, to ask Erin 10 of the most random questions we could muster. From her celeb crush on ESPYs attendee Ryan Reynolds to her weekly diet of McDonald's and Chipotle to her impersonation of Taylor Swift's "hairography," we just can't get enough.