The 'Gilmore Girls' Fan Festival Is Happening This Month

And you can spend three whole days in Stars Hollow!

If you love free coffee just as much as you love marathoning Gilmore Girls for hours on end, then my, oh my, do I have some news for you. The Gilmore Girls Fan Fest is coming back for another year, letting fans everywhere spend a long weekend in Stars Hollow.

Gilmore Girls Fan Fest, which was introduced by co-creators Jennie and Marcus Whitaker, gives you the chance to spend three days living like your favorite characters from the show. That means drinking lots and lots of coffee, attending a cake tasting, and even participating in a jam session where you can belt out the theme tune, "Where You Lead," alongside Carole King's daughter, Louise Goffin.

"Last year we received an abundance of praise from everyone involved, from the fans to the cast, which made the decision to put on this year's festival easy for us," Marcus said in a release. "Jennie and I have learned a lot from our time in Connecticut and for us, anytime you can have fun while learning something new you've done the right thing."

The event will take place on the weekend of Oct. 20 in Kent, Connecticut, AKA the town that inspired the series' creator Amy Sherman-Palladino to dream up the fictional Stars Hollow in the first place.

"Putting on an event that provides a light-hearted, joy-filled weekend for others and allows us to celebrate a lot of really talented people we admire is really rewarding in itself, but at the end of the day I'm a fan too so that's what makes this opportunity really special," says Jennie.

If you can't make it Stars Hollow this year, don't fret. At least you have this Gilmore Girls coffee cake to remind you of the treats at Luke's.