A New Campaign Finally Celebrates the Beauty of Stretch Marks

These photos aren't graphic—they're real.


Cellulite, stretch marks, jiggly skin—it's all normal for most of us (even Chrissy Teigen!), so why do we still see them as "flaws?" A social media campaign called Love Your Lines, which specifically spotlights stretch marks, has set out to challenge the stigma surrounding them by way of gorgeous, black-and-white portraits submitted by users on Instagram and Tumblr.

Since it was founded by two anonymous moms last summer, Love Your Lines has set out to celebrate "real women, real bodies, and real beauty." And plenty others have followed suit—the campaign's Instagram account is currently 134,000 followers strong, with 430 submissions.

Each submission is captioned with a poignant personal story—from those who have recovered from eating disorders to new moms who are still getting to know their postpartum bodies. 

And, there are lots (lots) of babies. 

See a few more of our favorite submissions below.

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