Bachelor Fans Are So Mad at Arie They Took Out Billboards to Tell Him

Last night, Arie proved that he is, in fact, the worst when he broke off his engagement to Becca—and then waited around, as if he was hoping she'd tell him it was okay, absolving him of the guilt.

Bachelor fans were NOT happy and, in case there was any confusion, they want Arie to know it's not okay.

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"Did you know there's billboards up?" Chris Harrison asked Becca on After the Final Rose. "Billboards. This is true, in Minnesota and Los Angeles...this is real."

And she loved it:

Chris Harrison also shared that fans had set up a fund for Becca—that's now at over $6,000—all to show their support...and so she could buy herself a drink.

"I mean I love my wine, but I don't think I can drink that much," Becca said, laughing. Instead, she told Harrison, she wants to donate it. "Donate it! Give it to some cause that needs it."

Role model.

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