Prince George Has Just Arrived at Prince Louis' Christening

These photos are unreal.

It's no secret that Prince George shows quite a range of emotion. Just take last month's Trooping the Colour, for example (the four year old was a giggling rascal with Charlotte and their cousin Savannah), or Meghan and Harry's wedding (George decided to be the ultimate shy boy and grumpily waved to the bride and groom). And today, at his brother Louis' christening, George is showing off one of my personal favorites: he's acting ridiculously sweet.

George, who is attending the ceremony in the Chapel Royal at St. James' Palace in London alongside parents William, Kate, and Charlotte, showed up for his little bro's big day in a short-sleeve, collared shirt and (of course) shorts. And rather than cheese the day away like he has in the past, George has held a calm, professional-like face as he's walked into the ceremony.

Today marks the first time we've seen Prince George and Prince Louis together in public—since Louis' birth in April, the littlest prince has been kept out of the royal spotlight. I, for one, am praying we get to see more of Louis with his siblings in the near future.

Ruby Buddemeyer

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