5 Things to Know Right Now

1. Your imaginary friendship with Kate Middleton just became slightly more plausible. Turns out that the Duchess of Cambridge enjoys watching reality TV! So all those night's you've pictured you two watching Real Housewives, acting like besties, and drinking vino on the couch is only 99.9 percent unrealistic. Except that she'd want to watch Celebrity Apprentice UK with Prince William. To each her own!


2. Scientists in Singapore have developed an instant test that you won't want to leave home without. The test allows women to see if their drinks have been spiked with the commonly used date rape drug, GHB, known as Rohypnol. Researchers created a liquid that turns a beverage fluorescent within 30 seconds if mixed with a drink containing GHB.

3. You can now kind of fulfill your childhood dream of becoming Ariel from The Little Mermaid for a day. According to The Cut, The Sheraton in Fort Lauderdale is offering couples the chance to have "Underwater Mermaid Weddings." So there's that.

4. Outtakes from a Marilyn Monroe Life magazine photo shoot have surfaced, reminding women everywhere that beaded bikini tops and boyfriend jeans make for an effortlessly chic workout outfit.


5. Sarah Palin playing the flute and relishing in the fact that she kind of bizarrely predicted the current Russia and Ukraine situation back in 2008 is actually quite hilarious.

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